How does B2B-HR Accelerate Your Business?

Many companies have the potential to expand their business to other regions, but the language barriers and human resource challenges prevent them to do so. B2B-HR provides special services with its native team of experts to your target market. Nothing can stop you from expanding your business to new markets. B2B-HR team is trained carefully and equipped with advanced tools to provide prestigious services for your business. Our services include Sales, Account service management, and Live Chat Support in different languages. We will provide you with any of these services as described here.

  • Contact We arrange a meeting with you to understand your needs
  • Consult We plan a tailor-made service based on your need
  • Contract We prepare and send you the contract
  • 24/7 Services We start serving your clients 24/7

Account Service Management

Bonding good relation with the customer is the key factor to hold the company's position in the market and moving forward. B2B-HR Account Service Managers are well-trained to build long-term relations with clients and stay with them for the length of their relationship with the company.


Business success lay in providing the right products and services to current customers while pursuing new sales opportunities. B2B-HR Sales representatives may do various things, pitch to prospective clients, answer current clients' phone calls, or monitor the competitions to ensure that your services are fit your clients.

Live chat support

Clients keep visiting your website and need a professional team who is always online to assist them in solving their issues or consult them to use services. B2B HR provides a well-trained Customer Support Team for you to expand your market. Live chat supporters not only solve clients’ issues but also have a role in sales by presenting services and products to new visitors. Your sales team just focuses on bringing new clients to the company, not solving clients’ minor issues.